About Us

About Us

KEN Keep Learning is an ed-tech initiative of our company KEN Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. and a growing e-learning platform. We offer Learning programs which are available for students in classes 6 and 7 along with the features like Customised Exams, Extra-curriculars which include unique segments like, KEN Know Your World, KEN Stories, KEN Daily Tasks, etc. This Platform helps students to focus on their academics by viewing the content which is a proper mixture of interactive motion graphics along with a conceptual explanation. The Platform also provides the students to create customised Exams with the syllabus of their choice and can acquire more knowledge by attempting the questions. KEN Keep Learning provides an all-rounded student-centric learning methodology which not only helps a student to grow in academics but also to outshine in Extra-curriculars.

We believe and work relentlessly to implement the 4 basics -

1) Every student must have quality education irrespective of the barriers one face in the process of acquiring knowledge.

2) Learning is a continuous process. So the Learning content must be dynamic.

3) Every student must be society ready and able to tackle certain situations.

4) Learning should be Interactive and Enthusiastic.

KEN Keep Learning, Enables children to make their learning joyful and interactive and also keep them up-to-date in academics through interactive conceptual videos with motion graphics and also to make one focus on non-academics with the help of Extra-Curriculars.